Kevin Paul Davey

Financial Advisor


Kevin Davey was called to help people as a financial advisor. His perspective is one that most people develop only late in life. Having lost a sister at age ten and father by age 23, he see's life differently.

Being the youngest of five, also helped shape Kevin’s point of view. Happy with hand-me-downs and leftovers, Kevin first felt financial insecurity at home when his oldest siblings were in college. Having been blessed with an incredibly loving family, the stress was new to him and its impact was permanent.

Answering the call to be a financial advisor was influenced positively too. Kevin Davey's grandfather was one of the best planners he ever met. That planning covered his grandmothers long-term care needs, and the wealth inherited gave financial security back to Kevin's family. His grandfather’s legacy topped off Kevin's conviction for planning.

One common thread in all of Kevin’s experience was the financial planning; done or not done. As a child, he vowed that his family would never be burdened by financial insecurity, and in college he found the career that would allow him to help others do the same. Kevin’s commitment helping people through  financial advising has not wavered since.

This uncommon perspective and genuine desire to help others is why people choose to work with Kevin. He finds the most joy when clients realize their vision and core values, and make the decision to become planners.

Kevin and his team help good savers and investors become strategic planners to maximize their wealth accumulation and financial security. He helps parents and business owners articulate their vision, mission, and core values. He and his team, then, design a plan that will protect and maximize the wealth being accumulated according to their wishes. Client relationships are long-term and Kevin's team commits to reviewing client plans, at least, annually, making enhancements as the vision and mission grow.

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Degree Major Institution
Business Administration Marketing Elmhurst College

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